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A Practical Approach to Managing Crop Genetic Data

In order to maximize the impact of high quality crop science, there is a continuing need for explicit management of complex datasets relating to plant and crop genetics. We are addressing the first stage in dataset curation and dissemination, by providing a data model and tools that reflect the relationships understood and manipulated by researchers and breeders.

CropStoreDB has been intergrated into the InterStoreDB data framework: InterStoreDB overview

Design principles

The design philosophy for CropStoreDB took into account the requirement to provide an explicit relationship between database tables and the entities that are commonly manipulated by plant geneticists. Providing a means to explain such relationships visually is proving to be beneficial in encouraging those who generate datasets to be responsible for, and involved in, the curation and data validation process. This approach is appropriate in many institutions or projects where there is insufficient investment to carry the overhead of developing and modifying sophisticated data-checking software, and where reference datasets are generated over long periods of time.

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